Thank you for your interest in having OUNCE WATER shipped directly to your door. We cannot wait for you to enjoy our crisp, clean natural spring water!

As many of our longtime customers are aware, the fulfillment company that we hired this summer to ship OUNCE WATER orders placed on OunceWater.com and Amazon.com, has experienced a catastrophic breakdown in their ability to ship orders. This is affecting not only OUNCE WATER, but all of the brands fulfilled by this 3PL.

As of today, August 31, 2021, we have made the decision to take back the power of our online ordering system. We want to always ensure that you're experiencing the seamless ordering process that you've come to appreciate about OUNCE WATER.

We are now actively working to heavily vet a new third party fulfillment company. In the meantime, we are taking steps to bring the fulfillment process back in house so that shipping can resume while an adequate vetting process takes place. 

We care deeply about our online customers, and we want you to always have the absolute best shopping experience with us. Thank you so much for the years of dedicated ordering. We look forward to turning back on the website ordering system in the coming days, and getting you OUNCEd!

Meghan Rossi
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