Why did we start this company? It’s simple: we truly want to be part of encouraging people to live their best lives – not just through mindset, but by also taking better care of their bodies. Hydration is the key to that.

OUNCE WATER is woman owned and run, and entirely made in the USA! Co-founded by Meghan Rossi, Nicholas Carmona and Theo Rossi to create a mechanism to more easily track our daily water consumption.

OUNCE WATER is known as an industry disruptor shaking up the shelves with its stand-out packaging and “Hydration Made Easy” slogan. In fact, in the summer of 2017 we were named a Top 10 Finalist in BevNET’s New Beverage Showdown.

OUNCE WATER is making healthier habits easier by doing the math for you! With a daily goal to drink 80 ounces of water, simply drink two of our 40oz or four of our 20oz bottles of Natural Spring or Naturally Alkaline premium bottled water to reach your daily water consumption goal.

OUNCE WATER has four options for you to choose from:

- 40oz 9.5+ pH ALKALINE + electrolytes Water(12ct)

- 20oz naturally ALKALINE Water (24ct)

- 40oz Natural Spring Water (12ct)

- 20oz Natural Spring Water (24ct)

OUNCE WATER Natural Spring Water comes from a protected underground water source. It is never touched by man, freeing it from additives and chemical processing. OUNCE WATER is pure from the earth. Additionally, OUNCE WATER is packaged in BPA-Free bottles.

OUNCE WATER 40oz ALKALINE is 9.5+ pH with electrolytes for added hydration support. It is among the highest alkaline offerings on the market today with the added bonus of electrolytes to fuel your day. OUNCE WATER ALKALINE is packaged in BPA-Free bottles.

You can find OUNCE WATER in retail partners throughout the country. It is also available for nationwide shipping to home or office via and

Thank you for making steps toward the healthiest version of yourself and getting OUNCEd with us!

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