See OUNCE WATER® like never before—featured in a music video! Now released exclusively on http://MrNarly.com is Mr. Narly’s Foreign music video. Foreign is the newest single from artist Mr. Narly, and one thing you’ll be sure to notice is 40oz and 20oz bottles OUNCE WATER® featured throughout the music video.

All may not be what it seems for the Florida-born, Virginia-raised artist, who seemingly washes up alone on a stunning shoreline. Upon exploring the island, he comes across a bikini-clad beauty who supplies Narly with the necessary hydration (grapes and ice-cold OUNCE WATER®) and all-too-important company.

But is it all a dream fueled by dehydration? You’ll have to figure that out for yourself. What we do know is that the super-catchy, Ave McRae-produced banger is the perfect soundtrack for these high-def visuals from director Brent Mendoza (Mic-Lo, Mike B). Additionally, the video is sponsored by OUNCE WATER®.

View FOREIGN Music Video and Download Music on http://MrNarly.com

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“Narly” is the word to describe the music Jevonta Bargmere delivers, which was easy for him to coin the name Mr. Narly.  Born in Panama City, FL and raised in Chesapeake, VA, Narly’s first love was basketball, but that love would soon be changed.  Narly’s states music videos were his inspiration. “At the time, they looked like they were living the life, having fun making music.  I want to live that life,” explains Narly.  Mr. Narly’s musical subject matter although very adult does not contain foul language.  Narly explains, “I don’t really swear in regular conversation, so it’s easy for me to write my music without swearing.”  His free flowing lyrics and new diverse sound paints the picture Mr. Narly describes as, “wild and positive at the same time”.

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