November 1, 2019 (New York, NY) — OUNCE WATER is experiencing strong growth as expanded sales force and distribution bring solid placement on deli and grocery shelves throughout the tri-state. This news on the heals of the brand unveiling its Naturally Alkaline 40oz bottle in summer 2019.

The New York-based premium bottled water brand is growing distribution with new partnerships with East Coast Juice, Mueller Distribution, and Gourmet Distributor.  This unity is giving Ounce Water a better ability to meet customer demand in New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester County, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.  In addition, an expanded sales team is keeping more boots on the ground to better serve retail partners and promote growth.

OUNCE WATER formally hit the streets of New York City in the fall of 2017. Within a year on the streets of New York City, we expanded to nearly 500 locations throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and have now grown to nearly 1,000 locations.

OUNCE WATER has been known as an industry-disruptor shaking up the shelves with its stand-out packaging and “Hydration Made Easy” slogan. In fact, in the summer of 2017 we were named a Top 10 Finalist in BevNET’s New Beverage Showdown.

OUNCE WATER is making healthy habits easier and continues to grow across the country thanks to our online sales partners. Online, Ounce Water is expanding its digital footprint with Koffee Express.  This adds yet another online retail partner to its already successful Amazon Prime business.  Offering free shipping to customers throughout the United States, the digital sales growth is keeping up with nationwide demand as the brand builds in stores on the East Coast.

With a goal for adults to consume 80 ounces of water per day, OUNCE WATER is truly hydration made easy. Simply drink two 40oz (natural spring or natural alkaline) or four 20oz (natural spring) bottles to reach your daily hydration goal.

Ounce water contains a line-up of 3 SKUs: 40oz Naturally Alkaline Water, 40oz Natural Spring Water, and 20oz Natural Spring Water.

OUNCE WATER is a brand that was created to encourage people to live their best lives – not just through mindset, but by also taking better care of their bodies.  Hydration is a vital component to overall health and vitality.

OUNCE WATER is one of the fastest growing premium bottled water companies. Founded by actor and producer Theo Rossi, along with Meghan Rossi and Nicholas Carmona, with headquarters in New York City, OUNCE WATER is making healthy habits easier. With a goal of consuming 80 ounces of water per day, OUNCE WATER does the math for you. Simply drink two OUNCE WATER 40oz bottles or four OUNCE WATER 20oz bottles of premium Natural Spring Water and you’ll reach your daily goal. OUNCE WATER is naturally balanced and free from additives and chemical processing. OUNCE WATER owes its freshness to its pristine underground water source protected by Mother Nature for more than 600 million years. Ounce Water is available for in- store purchase in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and for home or office delivery across the United States via Amazon.com with Amazon Prime or KoffeeExpress.com.  http://GetOUNCED.com @getounced 

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