(September 19, 2019) NEW YORK – Now introducing OUNCE WATER® ALKALINE – naturally alkaline and classified as pure. OUNCE WATER® ALKALINE is offered in a 40oz BPA-free bottle featuring a stunning gold label. It is available for purchase in select retailers throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as, online for nationwide shipment through Amazon Prime and Koffee Express. Our Naturally Alkaline Spring Water is sourced from deep under the Finger Lakes region of New York at Harford Glen Water in Harford, NY.  The naturally alkaline water is fresh, chemical-free and never touched by man. 

Alkaline water has been known to offer health benefits to the everyday consumer. Some benefits include: a more balanced pH level and healthier body. The human body can be overly acidic and some of those causes may include poor diet, lack of exercise, and every day stress.

OUNCE WATER is making healthy habits easier by doing the math for you! With a daily goal to drink 80 ounces of water, simply drink four OUNCE WATER 20oz bottles or two OUNCE WATER 40oz bottles to reach your daily goal. With a natural pH of 8, OUNCE WATER is never touched by man freeing it from additives and chemical processing, and is packaged in BPA-free plastic bottles to further reduce chemical exposure.

Consuming the recommended 80 OUNCES of alkaline water per day can attribute to a more balanced pH level and increased healthier habits. OUNCE WATER®ALKALINE’s fresh and crisp taste is enjoyed in our 40oz BPA-free bottles.

Shop OUNCE WATER® ALKALINE 40oz Cases on Amazon or on Koffee Express.

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