New York, NY (April 13, 2016) – Do you know how much water you drank today?  Actor/ Producer/ Philanthropist Theo Rossi (FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” and Marvel’s “Luke Cage”) is making that an easy question to answer. OUNCE WATER®, LLC launches today in New York City to make healthy habits easier.  With a daily goal to consume 80 ounces of water, OUNCE WATER® makes the math easy for you.  Simply consume two 40 OUNCE WATER® bottles or four 20 OUNCE WATER® bottles and you’ve reached your daily goal.

Available online at, OUNCE WATER® is sold in cases of 40 ounce (12 count 1.2 liter bottles) and 20 ounce (24 count 591ml bottles). One case of OUNCE WATER® gives you six days of water. You can enjoy the ease and convenience afforded to you by having OUNCE WATER® delivered to your home or office every month. The OUNCE WATER® subscription service is currently available in discounted bundles from 3-12 months. This service saves the consumer up to 20% off regular cost.  20 OUNCE WATER® and 40 OUNCE WATER® cases and individual bottles will soon be available in retailers throughout New York City and the tri-state area. OUNCE WATER® is available for home or office delivery in the continental United States at

OUNCE WATER® is bottled in BPA Free plastic bottles. OUNCE WATER® Natural Spring Water is zero calories, sugar free, sodium free, non-GMO and gluten free. OUNCE WATER® encourages recycling of our plastic bottles.

OUNCE WATER® comes from deep inside the heart of ‘Americas First Wilderness’, the rugged, rocky terrain of the Catskill Mountains. Lying deep inside thick, impermeable layers of prehistoric clay, our Natural Spring Water is naturally isolated from any possible surface drainage or run off. Exceptional geological and geographical factors have created the perfect environment for OUNCE WATER®. Comprised of rock from the Precambrian Era, among the oldest on Earth at over 600 Million years, the crystalline subterranean gathering shelves create a dense, natural filtration system. This unhurried 60 year process through mineral rich stone gives OUNCE WATER® its incomparable purity and superior taste. Our water’s in-ground temperature is 41°F which maintains OUNCE WATER® perfectly balanced mineral composition and creates its incredibly crisp structure. Vigorous quality control standards guarantee that you will enjoy the same crisp and delicious water every time one of our bottles is consumed. OUNCE WATER® is available in 40 fluid ounce (1.2 liters) and 20 fluid ounce (591ml) bottles of Natural Spring Water. OUNCE WATER® is available for home or office delivery in the continental United States.

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